Black Project Ohana Fixed paddle

Ohana is the paddle that Black Project makes for people looking for a medium level paddle with a very good price and better features
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Black Project Ohana


Black Project Ohana
The Black Project Ohana comes with a medium size blade that suits to the most of the paddlers. It is strongly recommended for people in the next step of beginners, who like paddling and want to improve the stroke and get a better performance.

If you are growing us paddler and you want a perfect tool to paddle faster and comfortable, the Ohana is a very good option for you. You will feel better with a paddle that allows you to go faster and paddle longer than now because you won't feel so tired.

Ohana is an allround paddle, it makes with carbon pre-peg 12k 60%. It has a shaft with 29 mm of diameter and the blade has the Scooped Dihedral system. The red and bright handle is amazing, made in carbon 100%, so the blade + shaft + handle gives a weight of just 495 grs, it is crazy for a medium level paddle.

Features of the Black Project Ohana fix paddle: 

  • Blade length: 17.68" - 44.9 cm
  • Blade width: 6.61" - 16.8 cm
  • Blade area: 82.15 in2 - 530 cm2
  • Paddle max. length: 218 cm
  • Recom. rider weight: < 90 kg
  • Blade angle: 10º
  • Dihedral scooped blade
  • Shaft made in Pre-Preg carbon premium 12k and 29 mm diameter. Made in USA
  • Blade: 65% Pre-Preg Carbon 
  • Handle: 100% carbon
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