DHD Surfboard 3DX 5'10"

The DHD Surfboard 3DX 5'10" is a premium performance board in which we can put in practice the theory that says "more volume is equal to catch more waves and more fun time" 
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DHD Surfboard 3DX 5'10"


DHD Surfboard 3DX 5'10" side
The DHD 3DX surfboard is designed to get you into waves with ease and will generate speed and flow in weaker conditions while performing lively and loose in all types of waves. Loaded with a wider outline through the nose and tail and a volumised rail will redefine your wave count and explore new maneuvers.

Best suited for everyday surfing with average wave condition from 1 to 4ft (0,5 m to 1,5 m). Perfect for mediterranean conditions where you can use this board completely. It has a medium to flat to low rocker, slight single to double concave, reinforced tail with carbon and squash tail.

Features of the DHD Surfboard 3DX 5'10":

  • Length: 5'10"
  • Width: 19 3/8"
  • Thickness: 2 3/8"
  • Volume: 29.5 L
  • Fins: Thruster / Quad FCSII
  • Tail: Squash
In the following video you can watch more content about DHD Surfboard 3DX:

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