Duotone Pro Fish 2020

The Pro Fish is the Duotone new surfkite board and arose out of the need to have a board that excels in small waves and light wind
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Duotone Pro Fish


Duotone Pro FishDuotone Pro Fish
The Pro Fish comes in the new surfkite boards range by Duotone to attend the demands of riders who wish a board to live fun sessions when there are small waves and the wind is not too strong. So the Pro Fish is the solution given by Duotone designers and shapers taking the fish tail to make a board with awesome acceleration abilities to enjoy the small waves to the top. You don't need high wind to squeeze the properties of the board, you will feel very well sailing with a lightwind.

Anyway, the Pro Fish is not a cruisy retro board, but rather a high performance machine that will handle even when the waves get bigger. By the way, it is made with the light team technology, the very light but very robust construction with a lot of feedback for the rider, that has the corck absorber 2.0 applied as a damper in the heel area of the surfboard to avoid heel dents. So that is the reason because you can use the board with big conditions as well as the Pro Fish is easy and forgiving, but at the same time also very performance-oriented. From 1 foot to 6 foot, once you ride the Pro Fish you'll be spoilt forever.

Features of the Duotone Pro Fish:

Size 5'5" X 19 3/4" X 2 1/2" 5'2" X 19" X 2 5/16"
Volume 29.5 L 24.82 L
Rider weight > 80 kgs 60 - 85 kgs
Fins TS-M TS-M

Here you can watch the Duotone Pro Fish in action:


And the 3D animation to look the board from different points of view and details:  
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