Duotone Whip 2020

Designed for small to medium sized waves, the Whip is a modern high performance design packed into a compact shape
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Duotone Whip 2020


Duotone Whip 2020Duotone Whip 2020
The Whip has undergone major development to improve it’s surfing and handling. This was achieved by moving the wide point slightly further forward, increasing the nose rocker and decreasing the overall surface area of the nose while leaving the back half of the board essentially unchanged. The result is an extremely well-balanced board with incredible handling thanks to the straight outline in the tail, but provides explosive snap off the top and has the ability to turn tight in the pocket of very steep sections without any catching or awkwardness of a traditional compact shape. It blends the two worlds of compact surf and pure high performance surf seamlessly, so you’ll never have to choose.

It is a modern high-performance design that will excite you on the water and allow you to take your riding to the next level. Built using the Bamboo Tec Construction the Whip is an extremely durable and versatile board. It uses an identical shape to the Pro Whip, featuring the new subtle winger just behind the front fins, which reduces the tail area of the board. The deck of the Whip features a double concave for a better connection to your feet, and there are subtle grab rails making strapless tricks easier. The Bamboo Tec Construction offers fantastic flex and strength to deliver an impressive feel on the water. 

This new feature allows the board to perform tighter snaps and gives a more precise and controlled feel when on the wave especially when travelling at high speed down the line. The deep twin channel, which was introduced last year, is back and offers incredible directional stability while still allowing for impressive manoeuvrability.

Features of the Duotone Whip:

Size 5’4” X 19” X 2 5/16” 5’2” X 18 1/2” X 2 3/16” 5’0” X 18” X 2 1/16”
Volume 25 L 22.4 L 20 L
Rider weight > 85 kgs 70 - 90 kgs 55 - 75 kgs

Here you can watch a video with the Duotone Whip:


And the 3D animation to look the board from different points of view and details:  
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