Fanatic Blitz 14'x26" Carbon CSS 2019


The Fanatic Blitz is the new brand race board for 2019. It is all new for all water performance racer.

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Fanatic Blitz 14'x26" Carbon CSS 2019


Fanatic Blitz 2019Arthur Arutkin riding the BlitzNew board for all water conditionsBlitz & Strike
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The Fanatic Blitz is a no compromise race SUP which delivers effortless glide and predictable handling underfoot. Well suited to a wide range of paddling conditions from flat water to downwinding and everything in between, if you had to have just one race board from Fanatic it would be the Fanatic Blitz.

When you need a board that can handle all conditions, the Blitz is your instant winner. Completely new for 2019, this board is never out of its comfort zone. The Blitz will get you to the finish line first no matter what sea state you encounter.

This board has added nose lift to prevent catching or nose diving. Extremely efficient in backwash during races and when drafting. The curved rocker line ensures the board rides fast and high when surfing.

We can see it the first time riding by Arthur Arutkin at San Sebastian for the EuroTour 2018 date, that was a race with all conditions thanks to the path for the river, the open water section with choppy and the final buoys where the waves gave us awesome images from the riders surfing with their race boards.

Features of the Fanatic Blitz 14'x26'' Carbon:

  • Length: 14' (approx. 426.7 cm)
  • Width: 26" (approx 66 cm)
  • Volume: 310 Liters
  • Weight: 11.9 kg
  • Rider weight: up to 90 kgs.
  • Fin: US Box / SUP Race L 22 cm RTM
These are the two options of the Fanatic Blitz CCS 2019:
Length Width Volume Weight Rider weight
14' 24'' 293 liters 11.3 kg up to 80 kgs
14' 26" 310 liters 11.9 kg up to 90 kgs
In the following video you can see the Strike, Blitz and Falcon by Fanatic in action: 
3D view of this board: 
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Blitz's noseEvery time and every where
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