Fanatic Ripper Alu Kids Adjustable Paddle

The Fanatic Adjustable Alu Kids Ripper is lightweight, useful and with good price. It is adjustable and ideal for children, since its height varies from 130 to 165 cm.

* Available in adult version Carbon 25 Adjustable

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Fanatic Ripper Kid
The Fanatic Adjustable Alu Kids Ripper is ideal for children starting in SUP, and schools, because it is adjustable in height and suitable for boys of different characteristics.

Its measures oscillate between 130 cm and 165 cm. Its closure is double screw flange type to fix it to the desired height.

It is attractive and light, to favor its transport. It also has a pole ideal for children due to its construction.

The ABS shovel offers resistance for who starts in SUP, and can hit the paddle occasionally.
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