Fanatic StyleMaster 10'6" LTD

If you’re into the classic style of Longboard surfing, then this beauty will win you over with the first wave you catch. Easy to paddle, its endless flow and insane glide will let you get creative with your ride.
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Fanatic Stylemaster LTD


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As a classic noserider, this board is more influenced by longboard surfing than any other board in the Fanatic range. Easy to paddle, its super advanced surfing potential allows the deepest carves with a smooth flow, whilst you style up and down the wave with your toes hanging loose.

The wide nose leaves plenty of room for creative riding and adds incredible wave catching potential.

El nose ancho te permitirá ser muy creativo y la facilidad con la que pillarás las olas te hará disfrutar al máximo.

Available in the beautiful and supreme Custom Bamboo Sandwich construction, called LTD, this board has an awesome look with the bamboo top layer and the yellow border. It is also available in 10' and 9'.

The BXF technology makes more rigid and lighter boards, it's the construction that uses all the premium range of Fanatic, in the Allwave, Prowave, Fly and Stlemaster models.

If you like this board, take a look to the Fanatic Carbon 50 paddle with the amazing bamboo construction, light and flexible paddle.

​Key features of the Fanatic Stylemaster 10'6"x31'' LTD

  • Super thin surfing style rails for full bite in the turns and on the face of the wave
  • Thin, slightly domed Longboard style deck
  • Wide nose for a pure nose riding experience
  • Classic smooth Longboard rocker and outline
  • Single concave entry transitioning into double concave / V bottom for super early catching and a smooth glide
  • Drawn in tail for grippy turns and control
  • Deluxe deck pad for cushioned steps – strategically placed in the main stance area – for comfort and reduced wax consumption
  • Longboard style 2 + 1 (sidebites plus single fin setup)
  • Mastfoot insert for windsurfing option

Features of the Fanatic Stylemaster 10'6"x31'' LTD

  • Length: 10'6" (aprox. 320 cm)
  • Width: 31" (aprox 78.7 cm)
  • Volume: 155 litros
  • Fins: 1x Stylemaster RTM Center 8”; 4 1/2" RTM Side / US Box; Multi-Box Side Fins
  • Weight: 10.2 kgs 
  • Rider weight: Up to 105 kg

How to choose the Fanatic Stylemaster board that best suits your needs?

The Fanatic Stylemaster range has three different sizes available in Pure Light or LTD technology. Choose the one you like most.
What's your Fanatic Stylemaster board? – Choose your board according to your needs and your weight (these are features of the LTD version):
Length Width Weight Volume Rider weight
9' 29' / 73.7 cm 8.70 kgs 115 liters <80 kgs
10' 30'' / 76.2 cm 9.40 kgs 135 liters <95 kgs
10'6" 31" / 78.7 cm 10.20 kgs 155 liters <105 kgs

Here you have a video with the Fanatic Stylemaster in action:

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