Fanatic SUP Paddle Aluminum 3 pieces 2018

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Fanatic 3 Pieces Aluminium paddle
The Fanatic SUP Aluminum 3-piece paddle is perfect for your trips and to save it without problems. It is the ideal partner of inflatable boards, air travel, smaller cars or public transportation. It can be divided into three parts to save space.

Constructed of aluminum and adjustable from 165 to 220 cm is perfect to adapt its length to most riders and water conditions.

The Fanatic SUP Aluminum 3-piece paddle includes two new features. A foam coating on the mast to increase its buoyancy that can be removed if not necessary.

The knob is very comfortable and adapts well to the hand and is constructed of hard plastic very resistant.

The paddle assembly is very fast. The pieces simply fit and are secured by a click that holds them securely together.

This Fanatic SUP Aluminum 3-Piece is a sturdy paddle that holds all battles.

By its characteristics this paddle can be used for differt modalities, to travel with him, to take advantage for the whole family or for when you know it will suffer and do not want to expose your carbon paddle.

Features of the Fanatic SUP Paddle Aluminium 3 pieces:

  • Adjustable between 165-220 cm
  • Blade width: 7.25 / 18.4 cm
  • Surface area: 580 cm² / 90
  • Detachable in three pieces
  • Aluminum Mast
  • Shovel in ABS
In this video you can watch the features of the new paddles 2018:
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