Fanatic SUP Prowave HRS 8'4'' 2016

Fanatic is updating their Stand Up Paddle surf board series in 2016 with the Fanatic SUP Prowave HRS, designed for surfing and also WindSUP.
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Fanatic SUP Prowave HRS 8'4'' 2016
The SUP Prowave HRS 2016 Stand Up Paddle Surf board series by Fanatic is designed with a pure surf shape for high performance in waves. The series' usual shapes, 7'11'', 7'6", 8'4'' and 9'6'' for achieving the required speed to surf big waves.

A strong point to highlight in the SUP Prowave HRS 2016 series by Fanatic is the balanced distribution of the volume and flat deck that will let you paddle with ease and catch waves effortlessly.

When in front of a wave, the Fanatic Prowave HRS 2016 easily perform the most radical moves and tricks, from a strong turn to a cutback.

Make history on the waves with a Fanatic Prowave paddleboard!.

Key features of the Fanatic Prowave HRS 8'4'' 2016

  • Shortboard with nose outline and squash tail for more maneuverability.
  • Balanced volume with flat deck for additional stability.
  • Mono concave V Shape for easily catching and following through the wave. 
  • A true surfer shape with nose kick to avoid dipping the front. It will boost your confidence.
  • Designed and researched CAD.
  • Possiblity of adding a Mastfoot insert for WindSUP.

Features of the Fanatic Prowave HRS 8'4'' 2016

  • Length: 8’4” (approx. 254 cm)
  • Width:  28.5” (approx. 72.4 cm)
  • Volume: 104 litres
  • Technology: HRS (High Resistance Skin)
  • Mast insert: Yes
  • Fins: 3 x ProWave 4 3/4'' Thruster Set, GFK; 5 x Futures Boxes, FCS Fin System.
  • Weight: 8.2 kgs
  • Rider weight: Up to 82 kgs
Here is a video discussing the Fanatic SUP Prowave HRS 2016. You will see some amazing footage of riders surfing and doing WindSUP in their Fanatic SUP Prowave. Includes some technical discussion from shaper Sebastian Wenzel.

We are sure you will feel like surfing afterwards!

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