Fanatic SUP Ripper Carbon 25 Adjustable Kids Paddle

The Ripper Carbon 25 Kids Adjustable paddle by Fanatic is a light and practical paddle. It's adjustable for kids and has a length from 130 to 165 cm.

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The best Fanatic paddle for kids
The Ripper Carbon 25 Kids Adjustable by Fanatic is newly designed for 2018 with a unique Carbon look and the highly durable 6.5” carbon composite blade to withstand the daily hits from the unavoidable learning curve.

Designed to unleash the grommets playful nature and their hunger to be out there for hours without feeling tired. It is adjustable from 130 cm to 165 cm. It has a double crew flange to close it and set the appropriate length.

Kids need to be encouraged and that often starts with them being comfortable with the equipment they are using, so this paddle is a good tool for them.

Features of the Fanatic Ripper Carbon 25 Kids Adjustable:

  • Blade Width: 6.5" / 16.5 cm
  • Blade Area: 70 451 cm²
  • Blade Material: ABS Blade
  • Shaft Material: Carbon / Glass
  • Length: 130 – 160 cm
  • Weight: 670 g
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