Pack Fanatic Allwave Pure Light 8'9" + Bamboo Carbon 50 paddle

If you are looking for an equipment to start with paddle surfing, riding small or medium waves, this Fanatic pack is a good option to have medium quality tools to enjoy and develop your surfing technique. 
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Pack Fanatic Allwave + Fanatic Bamboo Adj Paddle


Fanatic Allwave for all the wavesHigh maneuverability with this short boardFanatic Allwave deck with a surfer shape
The 2018 AllWave range ensures the easiest possible entry into the waves. The fast rocker line and stable stance offer straightforward wave catching characteristics and good speed, allowing you to focus 100 % on the wave. From our experience, we recommend this Fanatic Allwave Pure Light 8'9" as a board with the best balance between size, shape, stability and price for entry level, thanks above all to its 32" of width.

Style and performance are combined in the Fanatic Bamboo Carbon 50. A 50 % Carbon core covered in precious Bamboo finish leaves a great visual impact for this entry performance paddle. Benefiting from the Union Joint system, this is an outstanding construction for those starting to gain skill on a SUP.

Key features of the Fanatic Allwave Pure Light 8'9":

  • Wide and compact outline for an easy, balanced stance when paddling and surfing
  • Maximum carving via the pulled down thin rails
  • Hard release edges in the tail for direct acceleration and a light feel, with softer rails in the nose for smooth surfing
  • Lightly domed deck for maximum stability blending seamlessly into the thin rails
  • Single concave entry, blending into a double concave V for extra planning power, control and easy rail to rail turning
  • Bottom and rail shape provide ultimate grip allowing for smaller fins
  • Thruster fin setup
  • Mastfoot insert for windsurfing option

​Features of the Fanatic Allwave Pure Light 8'9":

  • Length: 8'9" (approx. 266.7 cm)
  • Width:  32” (approx. 81.3 cm)
  • Volume: 145 litros
  • Weight: 9.60 kgs
  • Rider weight: <95 kgs
  • Fins: 3 × AllWave 5” Thruster Set, RTM

What does the Fanatic Allwave Pure Light 8'9" + Bamboo Carbon 50 pack include?

  • A Stand Up Paddle board Fanatic SUP Allwave Pure 8'9"
  • Fanatic Bamboo Carbon 50 fixed paddle
  • A 10' ION leash

How to choose the Fanatic Allwave board that best suits your needs? 

The Allwave range by Fanatic has four sizes so you can choose the one you like the most:
What is your Fanatic Allwave board? - Choose your board according to your needs and your weight:
Length Width Volume Weight Rider weight
8'9'' 32”/ 81.3 cm 145 litres 9,60 kgs < 95 kgms
9' 32”/ 81.3 cm 159 litres 10,00 kgs < 95 kgms
9'4'' 33” / 83.8 cm 173 litres 10,75 kgs < 100 kgms
9'8'' 33” / 83.8 cm 187 litres 11,20 kgs < 105 kgms

In the following video you can see some of the boards of the Fanatic Allwave range
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