Pack Fanatic SUP Fly Air Fit 11'x35''

Take your practice to the water with the Fanatic Fly Air Fit! Matching the latest trends in training science, the Fly Air Fit provides a moving platform for a new, intense and exciting way of balance training like Pilates or SUP Yoga.
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Pack Fanatic SUP Fly Air Fit


SUP Yoga with the Fly Air FitTake the gym to the waterStability and comfort on this boardSpecific design for fitness
The Fanatic SUP Fly Air Fit 11'x35" is the best choice for yoga lovers who want to enjoy their sport outdoors and in contact with nature.

This Fanatic SUP Yoga board is designed with all the details in mind for yoga and fitness exercises in the most comfortable way.

The Fly Air Fit model has handles on both sides, instead of a central one, so you can carry it easily without the strip being a nuisance when practicing on the board. In addition, you can hold the paddle with your special strap during your workout.

Take the gym to the water! Its 11' x35'' measure make it a perfect board to combine your SUP sessions with your yoga, pilates or fitness workouts, as it gives you great comfort and stability when doing exercises on water, and your rings allow you to hook elastic strings to complete your routines.

This board offers the ultimate balancing platform for a full body workout to increase strength, core stability and coordination. If it’s yoga, press-ups, squats or paddle training, each and every one of your muscles will be engaged. Power and confidence will progress quicker than through any traditional fitness methods – not to mention the added benefits and stress-busting sensations of being out there in the nature.

The stretched outline offers great all-round paddling characteristics with superb glide and immense stability for first time paddlers. With its fully loaded volume, the Fly Air Fit is specially designed to keep you up and dry during your practice.

It is an ideal option for lovers of yoga and fitness, as well as sports centers and clubs that want to offer this new training option. For group classes, Fanatic also offers its Fly Air Fit Platform product, an inflatable star platform with which you can join up to 8 boards.

Key features of the Fanatic SUP Fly Air Fit 11'x35'':

  • All-round style and shape for good glide
  • Great for all skill levels and water conditions
  • Extra large dimensions for an uninterrupted workout
  • Lightweight Stringer technology
  • Removable fin, no tools needed
  • Multiple high quality eyelets to attach your board
  • Large deck pad for ultimate grip and comfort
  • Convenient handles for carrying and the use of power bands
  • Premium Wheely Backpack for effortless packing / transportation
  • Fanatic Power Pump HP2 for fast and comfortable inflation
  • Special straps / deck net for storing your paddle during workouts

Features of the Fanatic SUP Fly Air Fit 11'x35'':

  • Length: 11' (approx 335.3 cm)
  • Width: 35" (approx 88.9 cm)
  • Thickness: 5.5" (approx 14 cm)
  • Volume: 322 Liters.
  • Fin: Fly Fin 19.5cm US Box.
  • Weight: 11 kgs
  • Rider weight: Up to 110 kgm.
  • Deck pad of high quality.
  • This board includes tail handles with an paddle tie system called Paddle Holder.
  • Reinforcement bands on the edges to reinforce the board.

What does the Paddlesurf Fanatic SUP Fly Air Fit 11'x35'' pack include?

  • An inflatable board of Stand Up Paddle Fanatic SUP Fly Air Fit 11'x35''
  • One Fanatic SUP Carbon 25 HD 3 pieces paddle.
  • A coiled leash 
  • The Fanatic Premium Wheely ergonomic backpack with easy-opening front zipper, padded straps, and accessory compartments.
  • A repair kit.
  • The Fanatic Pump HP2 air pump, faster and more comfortable.
You can watch this video of the Fanatic SUP Fly Air Fit 11'x35''
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