Fanatic SUP Prowave LTD 2020

The Prowave LTD is a high performance Surf SUP design that allows you to charge hard
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Fanatic SUP Prowave LTD 2020


Arthur ArutkinAirton CozzolinoFanatic SUP Prowave LTD 2020Fanatic SUP Prowave LTD 2020
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Prowave LTD 2020 range is for the day when it’s overhead and conditions are firing, you will have a high performance Surf SUP board that allows you to surf no matter how extreme the conditions. Whether you’re carving fast powerful turns on a reef break, or slashing in the pocket and busting airs on a beach break; the ProWave offers true short board performance thanks to its super responsiveness and tons of drive.

The real surf scoop rocker line boosts acceleration, while the thin rails, nose and tail ensure ultimate control and grip for deep carves. Light, strong custom surftech construction gives the right amount of flex; the ProWave comes with 5 boxes to adapt to the conditions and your style.

It is made in the best technology for surfing, the CST - Custom Surf Technology to give you the best performance on each wave and trick. It combines a lightweight custom layup with features such as Carbon stripes, Vector net and bamboo reinforcements providing the right amount of strength and flex needed for the high performance.

The Fanatic Prowave LTD is available in four different sizes: 7'6", 8'0'', 8'5" y 8'9". Just have a look to the table below and select the board that better fits to your personal features and SUP surf level, and enjoy every session from now with your new Fanatic Prowave LTD!.

Key features of the Fanatic Prowave LTD

  • Real surf scoop rocker line
  • Light finish and weight saving graphics
  • Concave bottom: Speed and drive enhanced via single concave entry that transitions into a single double concave mid section
  • Bottom and rail shape provides ultimate grip allowing for smaller fins
  • Nose outline and squash tail provide Shortboard performance
  • Prevention of nose diving provided via added nose kick
  • Hard release edges in the tail for direct acceleration and light feel, with softer rails in the nose for smooth surfing
  • Maximum stability delivered via slightly domed deck blending into thin rails
  • Five multi boxes for Quad/Thruster fin setup option
  • Maximum carving delivered via pulled down thin rail

Features of the Fanatic Prowave LTD 2020 range:

Length Width Volume Weight Fins Rider weight
7'6" (228.6 cm) 26.5" (67.3 cm) 80 L. 6.3 kg 5x Multi-Box / 3x ProWave 4.75" <80 kg
8'0" (243.8 cm) 27.5" (69.9 cm) 92 L. 7.05 kg 5x Multi-Box / 3x ProWave 4.75" <82 kg
8'5" (256.7 cm) 29.5" (74.9 cm) 108 L. 7.65 kg 5x Multi-Box / 3x ProWave 4.75" <85 kg
8'9" (266.7 cm) 30.5" (77.5 cm) 120 L. 8.4 kg 5x Multi-Box / 3x ProWave 4.75" <90 kg

In the following video you can see the Fanatic SUP Prowave surfing the waves:

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Fanatic SUP Prowave LTD 2020Fanatic SUP Prowave LTD 2020Fanatic SUP Prowave LTD 2020
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