Pack Fanatic Ray Air Pocket 11'6"x31"

The Fanatic Ray Air Pocket is the perfect option for SUP trips
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Pack Fanatic Ray Air Pocket 11'6"x31"


Pack Fanatic Ray Air Pocket 11'6"x31"Pack Fanatic Ray Air Pocket 11'6"x31"Pack Fanatic Ray Air Pocket 11'6"x31"
The Fanatic Ray Air Pocket is the perfect option if you are looking for a paddle board to do SUP trips.

This board has the Pocket finish that allows it to be stored in less space, so its backpack is smaller than traditional ones and is perfect for all the people for whom space is an important aspect. Its two removable fins in parallel make it easy to fold and keep the tracking without any problem when paddling.

On the other hand, it has the Fanatic classic shape, the 11'6"x31" which has proven in the Ray traditional models to be a perfect combination of comfort and efficiency when paddling. It is a touring board, that is, to paddle long distances without giving up the comfort of its more than 30" width. So you can paddle faster than the classic allround but without giving up its comfort.

The board comes in a pack with everything you need to go into the water in the small backpack.

Enjoy your SUP trips with the Ray Air Pocket and even if you are at the beginner level, its 31" width guarantees a stable and comfortable platform on which to enjoy for hours and its 11'6" length provides you with a great sliding on the water.

Features of the Fanatic Ray Air Pocket:

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight Rider weight Fins
11'6" / 350.5 cm 31" / 78.7 cm 6” / 15 cm 299 litros 8.5 kg < 100 kg 2XCLICK FIN SYSTEM / 2X4.5" CLICK FINS

What does the Fanatic Ray Air Pocket pack include?

  • 1x Stand Up Paddle board Fanatic Ray Air Pocket 11'6x31"
  • 1x Fanatic Backpack Pocket with reduced size to keep the material
  • 1x Repair kit
  • 1x Fanatic Power Pump
  • 1x Fanatic Pure adjustable and 3-pieces paddle
  • 1x coiled leash
Watch the Fanatic Ray Air Pocket in the following video:
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