Fanatic Sky Wing Soft Top 2022

The Fanatic Sky Wing Soft Top is the best board to start wingfoiling thanks to its soft-top finish and its design made to learn and evolve quickly
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Fanatic Sky Wing Soft Top 2022


Fanatic Sky Wing Soft Top 2022Fanatic Sky Wing Soft Top 2022Fanatic Sky Wing Soft Top 2022

The Sky Wing Soft Top is the perfect option for all those who want to start wingfoiling safely with a high-performance board that can allow them not only to learn, but also to evolve step by step. It is designed with the best performance in mind when sailing with a wing and a foil. It is the perfect size to offer stability in our first steps with the wing, and agility when moving it, but it undoubtedly stands out for its wide surface covered with a layer of EVA rubber that allows a safe sailing, in addition to a volume that offers greater stability. With the footstraps installed we can start practicing even riskier maneuvers with the wingfoil without fear of losing the board.

The new shape of the Sky Wing with a tapered take-off rail and slight rails in the nose section help the board goes up faster. The additional glide allows you to pull the contour of the tail and nose slightly to reduce catch in turns and on the wave. Volume underfoot allows for a seamless landing, helping beginners to land and take off easily.

We strongly recommend helmet and impact vest doing wingfoiling, specially for beginners.

The board comes with 2 US Track fin box and 3 Fanatic Premium Straps

Features of the Fanatic Sky Wing Soft Top:

  • Full croc skin eva deck and higher density EVA rail pad for grip, comfort and longevity
  • Extra stable with entry friendly length, width and volume
  • Center lines bumper helps learners to find the perfect foot position
  • Low rocker line and hard release edges for maximum glide and earliest take-off possible
  • Clean bottom contours with slightly rolled Vee in the nose section for uninterrupted touch-downs
  • Footstrap inserts for double front strap, single diagonal front strap or new straight single front strap
  • Recessed deck shape for comfort, control and a direct connection with the foil
  • Carrying handles in deck and bottom
6’3" / 190 cm 30” / 76 cm 140 L - < 100 kg

In the following video you can watch the Fanatic Sky Wing 2022 in action:

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