Pack Starboard Hypernut Foil 8' + Go Foil Maliko IWA

Last generation paddle board that can install a foil and go to your next SUP level with the Go Foil Maliko IWA system that has two different fin sets to use depending on the conditions.
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Pack Starboard Hypernut Foil 8' + Go Foil Maliko IWA

The Starboard SUP Hyper Nut Foil 8' x 31.5'' is a board thought for SUP Foiling use. Short board with a generous width for a comfortable use and have the surface needed to move on it. It has an especial box in the bottom to set the foil system and fly over the sea. Extra-reinforced Tuttle foil box positioned just in front of the fins, providing optimal trim control from the mid-point of the board. Foil box cover is included so you can ride the Hypernut normally without the foil. Live the new sensation of the SUP foil with the products by the biggest brand of the SUP world.

The Go Foil Maliko IWA has been designed for riders who have some experience in SUP foil, or for those who are not afraid to start with a complicated system. This foil works at full capacity in downwind conditions with powerful waves, where its minimum surface makes the board move quickly. It is designed for light riders who can go up with a smaller wing surface. This pack includes the IWA 180 fin that offers a good balance between stability and maneuverability. It is a foil for medium level, where the rider is stable on the board in flat conditions keeping a specific direction as well as introducing a smooth lateral roll to make wide turns. The next step is to start making more radical turns and surfing with the choppy sea. In these conditions is where the Go Foil Maliko IWA 180 offers its maximum performance.

Features of the Starboard SUP Hyper Nut 8' x31.5" Starlite 2018:

8' (243.6 cm) 31.5" (80.2 cm) 4.1" (10.4 cm) 133 liters Up to 100 kgs Quad: 2x4.7'' + 2x4'5'' (Bio Resin Light Core) 21.3'' (54.4 cm)

The Go Foil Maliko IWA 180 pack includes:

  • Pre Preg Carbon Fiber built in an autoclave providing strength and light weight.
  • IWA 180 fins set
  • Screws
  • Bag for transport
Features of the Go Foil Maliko IWA 180 system:
  • Mast length: 62.2 cm approx (24.5")
  • Fuselage length: 62.2 cm approx (30")
  • Front wing width: 79.2 cm approx (31.5")
  • Stabilizer width: 54.6 cm approx (21.5")
  • Weight: 3.5 kgs approx (7.75 pounds)

In the following video, you can see awesome images of the Starboard SUP foil boards flying over the waves:
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