Go Foil Maliko Pack Downwind

The Go Foil Maliko Pack Downwind system has been made by Go Foil to use with SUP boards ready for foil fin. It offers two different fin sets to use depending on the conditions.
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2 fins set


Small waves are amazing with this foilUp the board in flat conditions2 front wingsAwesome foil

The Go Foil Maliko Pack Downwind system is the option designed by the pioneer brand in foil world: Go Foil, created by Alex Aguera. This pack is perfect for starting and develop in SUP foil, being able to use it also in surfing. To assemble the system, you need a paddle board with a tuttle box (box for foil) or install one box in your board, either by yourself or by a shaper.

This pack includes two sets of different fins to use according to the needs of the sea and your preferences. They differ in the surface they have, much larger the blue one, called Maliko 280, which allows a progressive learning, facilitating the start of flight over the water thanks to its big area. It is the option with which you can surf in foil without waves.

The red fins are the Maliko 200, which allows you to evolve once you control the use of foil and perform wave sessions or downwinds that will make you live a unique experience. With this configuration and a small wave that rises in the sea, you will get the most out of the foil.

The Go Foil Maliko Pack Downwind includes:

  • Pre Preg Carbon Fiber built in an autoclave providing strength and light weight.
  • Maliko 200 fins set (red color)
  • Maliko 280 fins set (blue color)
  • Screws
  • Bag to transport 

Features of the system with Maliko 200 set:

  • Mast length: 62.2 cm approx (24.5")
  • Fuselage length: 76.2 cm aprox (30")
  • Front wing width: 71.1 cm aprox (28")
  • Stabilizer width: 55.9 cm aprox (22")
  • Weight: 3.9 kgs aprox (8.6 pounds)

Features of the system with Maliko 280 set:

  • Mast length: 62.2 cm aprox (24.5")
  • Fuselage length: 81.3 cm aprox (32")
  • Front wing width: 81.3 cm aprox (32")
  • Stabilizer width: 61 cm aprox (24")
  • Weight: 4.9 kgs aprox (10.75 pounds)


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