Kahuna spare parts for Land Paddle

Fix or upgrade your Land Paddle with these Kahuna Creations Paddle replacement parts. After using it for a long time, your land paddle will display signs of weariness, restore it like new again with these accessories.
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Kahuna Land Paddle Replacement
Every time we go out on the street with our Land Paddle board, we ride by pushing with a rubber paddle, turn by leaning and supporting the Paddle into the asphalt and also use it for breaking, which can cause daily wear on the materials of our Kahuna land paddle.

These spare parts will help us renovate our Kahuna Creations Land Paddle.

Features of Kahuna Replacement Parts for Land Paddle
  • Material: High resistance polycarbonate
  • Blade shape: corrugated double blade with holes and semicircular shape
  • Adjustments: Allen screws on upper area
  • Available in two versions, with different curvature and support surface.
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