Sensor Motionize SUPerior

The only product out there to provide instant feedback about your stroke, SUPerior will allow you to see how minor changes in your movements affect momentum and glide. Compatible with and easily installed on all paddle and board types.
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Paddle Sensor Motionize SUPerior


Diferentes pantallas de la APP SUPerior¿What`s in the box?To place your paddle sensor slide it over the base thats sticked into the paddleSensor mount for the paddle
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¿Why SUPerior?

SUPerior is a Paddle sensor that will allow you to analyze your rowing technique, informing you of a series of data with which to evaluate and improve your cadence, rhythm and other variables. It is compatible with all the paddles in the market and very easy to install. This system will help you achieve your goals, whether your goal is to win races, or simply want to improve your fitness.

Visual and auditory feedback

SUPerior Paddle sensor uses your mobile phone to offer real-time visual and auditory information. You can attach your phone to the table deck using a RAM Mount system or similar, or store it in a bag or vest and follow the hearing instructions (with or without earphones). It is the best system to reach your training goals faster.

If you are interested in this product and you belong to a Paddle Surf club or team, contact us to inform you about special conditions.

* Click on the Itunes and Google Play links to download the APP

Motionize en el App Store
Motionize en Google Play

Analyze your sessions and improve your paddling

Check distance and route. Visualize your speed and the strokes per minute you get to find the training that best suits you. Superior will count the paddles for you and will even tell you what is the angle of entry of the rowing relative to your board and the water. The pulse information (pulse sensor not included) and the calories burned will allow you to find the optimal rhythm and adapt the level of effort in each session.




What information does the Motionize SUPerior sensor offer me?

The SUPerior gives you information for:

Contador de remadas
Row faster and further

STROKE COUNT, the total of strokes.
SPM (Strokes per minute)
DPS (Distance per Stroke) 
Mensajes de audio
Keep you motivated

Receive audio messages that will motivate you to paddle more and obtain better results, all according to your physical condition.
Angulo de entrada del remo
Improve your technique

Shows the angle with which the paddle enters the water to maximize your positive stroke length.
Controla tus pulsaciones y ritmo
Improve your physical condition and your muscular tone

Track your heart rate and calorie burn rate for healthier, more efficient training sessions.

Sensors dimensions

Especificaciones del sensor del remo

Technical specifications:

• Paddle sensor battery: Lithium-polymer 3.7V 150mAh, 5h operation time
• Connectivity: Bluetooth Smart® (BLE)
• Compatibility: iPhone 5 & iOS 8 and up; Android 5.0 and up
• Materials: Super-durable fiberglass infused nylon

¿What`s in the box?

  • Sensor SUPerior
  • Base Charger +  USB cable
  • Rail mount
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Charging station for Motionize SUPeriorMotionize SUPerior Sensor Dimensions
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