Naish Carbon Plus Vario paddle

Lightweight, versatile and ahdjustable, the is the well-rounded Carbon Plus is a great choice for racing, wave riding and cruising. 
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Naish Carbon Plus Vario blade


Naish Carbon Plus Vario frontNaish Carbon Plus Vario full
Utilizing 100% UD Carbon for the blade blade and 85% Pre-preg Carbon for the shaft grants a nice balance between stiffness and flex-curve providing just the right amount of energy absorption for a variety of conditions.

The addition of the EVA T-handle provides added comfort and sure gripping, while the ABS rail delivers built-in blade edge protection. Long-lasting and durable, the Carbon Plus is the elevated “do-it-all” design for experienced and novice paddlers alike. 

Features of the Naish Carbon Plus Vario:

  • 100% UD Carbon = Ultimate balance between lightweight, durability & flex

  • Precision Cut CNC HD Core = Absolute precision shaping

  • ABS Rail = Built-in blade edge protection

  • High Temperature Pre-preg Molding = Optimized resin content & cure + impact resistant

Measures of the Naish Carbon Plus Vario 80:

  • Superficie: 516 cm² / 80 in²
  • Peso: 543 grs

Measures of the Naish Carbon Plus Vario 85:

  • Superficie: 548 cm² / 85 in²
  • Peso: 548 grs
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