Naish SUP Maliko 14'x23" Carbon 2020


The SUP race board Naish Maliko 14'x23" Carbon 2020 is a racing board that feats well in all water conditions and for any rider

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Naish SUP Maliko Carbon 2020


Naish SUP Maliko Carbon 2020Naish SUP Maliko Carbon 2020Naish Maliko 14'x26" Carbon 2020

This SUP race board has been designed to give you the best performance possible independently of the water conditions. The Naish Maliko 14' is one of the best boards to get as a unique board for all the season and compite in all races no matter the water is flat or choppy, and you will enjoy it specially if there are bumps.

The new Maliko by Naish has an incredible performance when you surf the bumps thanks to the new round tail and also it turns very fast, maybe it is the most versatile race board of the market, with a low weight than the year before and a very interesting price. The best option for those who are looking for a board for all the moments.  

Features of the PaddleSurf Naish Maliko 14'x26" Carbon 2020:

  • Length: 14' (approx. 426.7 cm)
  • Width: 23" (approx 58.4 cm)
  • Thickness: 7 1/2" (approx 19.1 cm)
  • Volume: 242 Liters
  • Weight: - kgs
  • Rider weight: up to 86 kgs.
  • Fins: US 8.75

How to chose the Paddle Surf Naish Maliko 14' that better suits your needs?

Within the range of Maliko by Naish boards you can choose between two measures of length and three different widths, which gives a total of five models that are adapted to the needs of each rider.r. 
Wich is your SUP Maliko? –  Choose your board in base to your weight and needs:
Length Width Thickness Volume Rider weight
14' (426.7 cm) 23'' (61 cm) 6 11/16" / 17 cm 242 liters up to 86 kgs
14' (426.7 cm) 26'' (66 cm) 6 11/16" / 17 cm 273 liters up to 95 kgs
14' (426.7 cm) 28'' (71.1 cm) 6 11/16" / 17 cm 295 liters up to 105 kgs
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