Naish Paddle Alana Vario

Lightweight and versatile, this carbon paddle is ideal for cruising, surfing and touring. An adjustable paddle of high performance with an exclusive design for girls.
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75 Vario RDS 2018
75 Vario RDS 2018
80 Vario RDS 2018
80 Vario RDS 2018
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Naish Alana Vario


Antitwist system by Naish and T-handle
Lightweight and versatile, this carbon paddle is ideal for cruising, surfing and touring. A high-performance paddle  with a unique design for girls.

It is the female version of the Naish Carbon Plus Vario 75 paddle, with a new anti-twist adjustment system that prevents the knob from turning with the outside of the paddle, always being aligned with the blade.

Construction 100% carbon in the blade and 85% in the pole provides a perfect balance and optimum flexibility to use this oar in a variety of conditions.

The EVA rubber handle ensures great comfort and exceptional grip. With the ABS edges, the blade is protected against impacts and lateral friction.

It is available in two sizes: 75 and 80, choose the one that best suits your needs.

It is a paddle that both beginners and advanced users appreciate.

Features of the Naish Alana Vario:

  • Hydro Seal = avoids water depth + reinforces pole + improves floatability
  • Core cut with CNC system = Absolute shape accuracy
  • Edges in ABS = Integrated edge protection
  • High temperature molding = Optimized resin use + increased durability
  • Anti-twist Vario System = Easy adjustment + better durability + maintains good flex on upper pole

Size of the Naish Alana Vario 75:

  • Surface: 484 cm² / 75 in²
  • Weight: 546 g

Size of the Naish Alana Vario 80:

  • Surface: 516 cm² / 80 in²
  • Weight: 575 g
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