Naish SUP Quest Alana 9'6" 2018

The Naish Quest Alana 9'6" has been designed for SUP girls that are looking for a polyvalent board, good for waves and for doing tours too. You can carry it easily. 
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Naish Quest Alana 9'6" 2018


Ergonomic handle by Naish for easy transport

This board has a specific design for women who love SUP. The Naish Quest Alana 9'6"x32" paddleboard is for an easy surfing and it is good for short trips too. It can be carrried easy thanks to the ergonomic handle by Naish. It's based on the regular Quest board but it has been finished with a female design combining purple and light blue colours with a beautiful draws.

With the new Quest construction, Naish has made a range of boards that are beautiful, good performance and durable. 

The Quest Alana is an allround board but it has a surfer shape that will work very well with your first waves.

Features of the Naish SUP Quest Alana 9'6"x32" 2018:

  • Length: 9'6" (approx. 289.6 cm)
  • Width: 32 1/2" (approx 82.6 cm)
  • Thickness: 5" (approx 12.7 cm)
  • Volume: 170 Liters
  • Fins: US 8 + FCS 4.5 side fins
  • Weight: 11.6 kg
  • Rider weight: up to 100 kg
  • Deck pad with kick tail
  • Ergonomic handle by Naish for easy transport

How to choose the Naish Quest Alana board that best suits your needs?

The Quest range by Naish has three sizes so you can choose the one you like the most:
What is your Naish SUP Alana board? – Choose your board according to your needs and your weight:
Length Width Thickness Volume Rider weight
9'6" 321/2" / 82.6 cm 5" / 12.7 cm 170 liters <100 kgs
9'8" 34" / 86.4 cm 4 7/8" / 12.4 cm 200 liters <113 kgs
10'8" 30" / 76.2 cm 4 9/16" / 11.6 cm 164 liters <100 kgs
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