Pack Naish SUP Mana 9'8'' GSX 2019 + Carbon Plus Vario Paddle

The ideal pack for riders of any size who want maximum stability in waves, especially when the waves are not very large, as it is an ideal board to start and evolve in paddle surf

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Pack Naish SUP Mana 9'8'' GSX 2019 + Carbon Plus Vario Paddle


For SUP Surfing beginnersFor cruising too
This pack that we propose is designed for people who already handle SUP boards with ease and want to start in the SUP Surfing or paddle surfing, that is, they want to start catching waves with the Stand Up Paddle board. The pack includes the Naish Mana 9'8" GSX, a board that shines for its ease of use when you start, or want to evolve, in the waves, starting with small waves to increase the difficulty little by little. When waves are not big, the Mana brings out its virtues, such as the wide outline that has been designed to provide increased stability that makes learning and surfing small waves so surprisingly easy, with its V bottom and its tail rocker also pronounced its turning ability is amazing for a board with this dimensions.

The next essential element for SUPing, is the paddle. In this case, we thought that the pack is aimed at a user with a certain level, so the proposal is to move to a mid-range but high performance paddle, such as the Naish Carbon Plus Vario, with a 100% carbon construction in the blade and 85% in the shaft that achieve perfect balance and optimal flexibility for use in a wide variety of conditions. Being adjustable, it can be used both for cruising or surfing, allowing the owner to adjust the length of the paddle depending on the use. The anti-twist system stands out in this paddle so that the knob doesn't turn when pressing on the paddle and the characteristic Naish T-handle. We also offer two blade options, 80 and 85, depending on your characteristics and your preferences, cadence or power. Choose the option that suits you best.

The pack is completed with a special 10' ION leash for surfing with the Stand Up Paddle board thanks to its thickness, resistance and quality.

Features of the Naish SUP Mana 9'8'' GSX 2019:

  • Length: 9'8" (approx. 294.6 cm)
  • Width: 34" (approx 86.4 cm)
  • Thickness: 4 7/8" (approx 12.4 cm) 
  • Volume: 200 L
  • Fins: GSX US Box Center 10.5
  • Weight: 13.6 kg
  • Rider weight: up to 113 kg
  • Naish exclusive ergonomic handle that facilitates transport
  • Deck pad with kick tail

Features of the Naish Carbon Plus Vario paddle:

  • 100% UD carbon = Excellent balance between lightness, durability and flex
  • Cut with CNC system = Absolute accuracy of shape
  • ABS edges = Integrated edge protection
  • High temp shaped = Optimized resins use + increased durability
  • Measures of the size 80: Blade area: 516 cm² / 80 in² & Weight: 543 grs
  • Measures of the size 85: Blade area: 548 cm² / 85 in² & Weight: 548 grs
In the following video you can watch this board in action and you can learn more about it:
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