Naish Surf Foil Jet 1650 Complete Abracadabra 2020

The Naish Surf Foil Jet 1650 is designed to do foil easily and set it on the board fastly
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Naish Surf Foil Jet 1650 Complete


Side viewRobbie NaishAbracadabra systemNaish Surf Foil Jet 1650

The Naish Surf Foil Jet 1650 sets feature a multitude of new developments. The results set a new performance standard for surf and SUP foiling while offering versatility and performance for kite, wake and windsurf foiling. The right choice for surfing in small surf, or to accommodate riders above 90 kg in surfing. Can also be used as a downwind wing for lighter riders or windy conditions above 20 knots.

This foil replaces the surf XL foil of the last year. It has been re-engineered from the ground up, this wing brings many of the performance advantages of smaller wings (speed and responsiveness) to a higher lift package that is perfect for heavier riders, or anyone just looking for more lift. Every parameter of the wing from aspect ratio to wingtip washout has been fine-tuned strike the perfect balance between lift and maneuverability.

The best part of this foil is that it comes with the Abracadabra system that allows you to set the foil to the board in a few seconds, and it works with every board.

The Naish Surf Foil Jet 1650 pack includes:

  • Jet 1650 Front Wing
  • Stabilizer 450 Backwing
  • 65 cm mast
  • Surf Fuselage
  • Titanium Foil Assembly Screw Set (3 x 30 mm M6 Titanium Torx screws - 3 x 30 mm M6 Stainless Steel Torx screws - 5 x 20 mm M6 Titanium Torx screws)
  • Abracadabra Plate
  • Abracadabra Mounting Screw Set (4 x 30 mm M6 Stainless steel Torx screws and 4 x stainless steel T-nuts)
  • Foil Wing Covers and Carry Case

Features of the Naish Surf Foil Jet 1650:

1650 88.5 cm 1650 cm2 65 cm 64.2 cm

In the following video you can watch the new Naish foil: 

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