NSP DC Surf Wide 8'7" Coco Blue 2018

The board DC Surf Wide from NSP is a board designed for full surfing giving you the maximum performance in each wave. Radical turns, difficult tricks and anything you want to try surfing is possible with this board.
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NSP Coco Mat
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NSP DC Surf Wide 8'7"
The NSP DC Surf Wide with Coco Mat blue finish, a board to get the maximum performance in the paddle surf sessions. Improve your surfing level with this short and easy board that allows you to do turns and move it in the waves easily.

The Surf Wide board highlight in small waves where its mobility helps you to stay in the wave and it's a fast board for turns thanks to the 8'7" length. It is extremely stable because of the 32" width. We consider this board as the perfect option for riders who want improve the surfing skills.

The shape has been developed from a simple concave to a double one with a small V through the tail. The rotation of the board is easy thanks to this evolution of the shape.

Features of the NSP DC Surf Wide 8'7"x32"

  • Length: 8'7" (approx. 261.6 cm)
  • Width: 32" (approx 81 cm)
  • Thickness: 4 5/8" (approx 11.5 cm)
  • Volume: 143.8 liters
  • Fins: 2 x J5 + 1 x Wave 6"
  • Rider weight: Up to 85 kgs
  • Kick tail
The DC Surf Wide serie has 3 different sizes. Call us if you want a diffenrent one, but the 8'7" is the most recommended board for us.
Length Width Thickness Volume Rider weight
8'3" 32" 4 5/8" 138.2 liters <75 kgs
8'7" 32" 4 5/8" 143.8 liters <85 kgs
8'10" 32" 4 5/8" 148.8 liters <90 kgs

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