Pack NSP P2 Soft Cruise 10'2''x32'' + NSP Adjustable paddle

This pack with the NSP P2 Cruise Soft board and the NSP Alloy adjustable board has been designed specially for beginners who are looking for a cheap and durable option to start practicing SUP. Relaxed paddling sessions or surfing small waves, these are the two scenes where this pack performances very good.
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Blue + Remo NSP
Blue + Remo NSP
Camo + Remo NSP
Camo + Remo NSP
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Pack NSP Soft + Paddle + Leash


NSP Soft Blue for beginnersCamo board for actionAmazing sessions with NSP paddle boards

The NSP P2 Soft Cruise is ideal to learn how to paddle and turn the board, and with the adjustable paddle, the pack could be share for a whole family or some friends.

These boards are covered with EVA rubber so they feel soft and you can fall on it or crash against and won't be hurt. The technology that they use give them the property to don't absorb water so they follow being light as the first day.

The crocodile texture on the top of the soft layers gives the board the grip necessary to stand up on it without problems. It has handles at the nose and tail so you carry it with the help of another person and it would be more comfortable. It can be a great help for instructors who want to drive the board or take it in the water.

Nose and tail have an extra protection with a piece of hard rubber to avoid damages on the sensitive parts of the board. You or your learners can put the nose or tail on the floor without problems because the board will be like a new one.

The NSP Alloy paddle is the option for beginners too because it`s a hard paddle with high resistance.

Features of the NSP P2 Soft Cruise 10'2''x32'' pack:

  • Length: 10'2" (approx. 310 cm)
  • Width: 32" (approx 81,28 cm)
  • Thickness: 4 7/8" (approx 12.4 cm)
  • Volume: 205.4 liters
  • Fins: 1x Nylon fin 8" 
  • Rider weight: Up to 100 kgs or more depending on the rider level
  • Paddle: Adjustable from 170 to 212 cm
  • Leash: SurfLogic de 10' o similar en función del stock
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