QuickBlade U-V 88 Hex Flex

The Quickblade U-V 88 is the last creation of the paddles leader brand, and here we bring you the hybrid version of this new model, it is called the Hex Flex
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QuickBlade U-V 88 Hex Flex BlueU-V 88 Hex Flex & All CarbonU-V 88 range
The Quickblade UV-88 can be described as a redesign of the V-Drive, in an 88-inch blade version. However, the UV-88 does much more than fill a void in the V-Drive size range. The rounded contour of the UV-88 offers a solid catch of the water for which the Quickblade V-Drive is famous, but allows a faster launch. Now you can anticipate the next movement before. The 88" blade of the UV is also the most rigid due to the carbon layers that line the foam core.

The shaft of the UV-88 Hex Flex is the new Black Diamond Elite. With an oval outside diameter of 28 mm at the lower end, decreasing to 21.6 mm outer diameter at the upper end. Additional reinforcement has been added to the center section of the shaft to strengthen it further.

The Hex Flex construction used for the blade consists of a hexagonal net similar to the one used in the Vector Net series but with hexa shape, combining a carbon, glass and aramid over the core of the paddle, strategically laminating to find the perfect balance of rigidity. They are paddles that have a perfect balance between stiffness and flexion thanks to the hybrid construction made by combining fiberglass and carbon fiber.

Features of the Quickblade UV-88 Hex Flex:

  • Blade length: 18" (45.72 cm)
  • Blade width: 7" (17.78 cm)
  • Shaft: Black Diamond Elite
  • Blade area: 88 sq/in (567.74 cm2)
  • Knob: full carbon
  • Weight: 495 grs (approx)
  • Max. Paddle length: 215.9 cm
In the following video you can watch Dave Kalama, famous waterman, and Jim Terrel, Quickblade owner, introducing the new U-V:
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