Red Paddle Co EXPLORER+ 13'2"x30" 2017


Are you an adventurer? This is your board!

The best choice for long trips with all your luggage and discover nature.

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Pack Red Paddle Co EXPLORER+ 13'2"x30" 2017


Red Paddle Co EXPLORER+ 2017. Explore your world.Red Paddle Co Explorer 13'2'' tailInflatable SUP board for touring by Red Paddle CoRSS system with the Red Paddle Co Explorer+
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If you have thought about making long voyages discovering your natural surroundings, the Red Paddle Co Explorer + inflatable board is your ideal companion.

With its length of 13'2", large volume and reduced sleeve is a touring board of high performance for riders looking for the best.

It has multiple nose and tail hooks as well as grips across the board and is equipped with the RSS system to improve its rigidity.

Thanks to its unique fins system, consisting of a US BOX center Fin and several Runners both nose and tail that will help keep the course even in high winds and with the board loaded to the brim.

Features of thr PaddleSurf Red Paddle Co EXPLORER+ 13'2"x30" 2017:

  • Length: 13'2" (approx 401 cm)
  • Width: 30" (approx 76.2 cm)
  • Thickness: 5.90" (approx 150 mm)
  • Volume: 360 liters
  • Fins: single End US BOX and two Runners located in tail and one in nose
  • Rider Weight: 150 Kgms
  • Transport buttonholes on the deck, both nose and tail
  • Multiple transport handles located on the entire surface of the table
  • High Quality Pad
  • RSS Battens to improve structural rigidity by 40%

What does the  Paddlesurf Red Paddle Co EXPLORER+ 13'2"x30" 2017 pack include?

  • An inflatable board of Stand Up Paddle Red Paddle Co EXPLORER+ 13'2"x30" 2017.
  • The best backpack of the market, ergonomic and exceptional details, like wheels to carry it walking and with a system of frontal opening very practical
  • A repair kit.
  • The new air pump Red Paddle Co Titan pump, with combined double cylinder system.
  • The board is equipped with a fin type US BOX
  • Waterproof bag to carry the mobile phone, keys, etc.
  • Paddle Red Paddle Co Alu adjustable junior 3 pieces or similar if not in stock
  • 10' leash.
  • RSS Batens. The RSS Batens system consists of semi-rigid sabers that we can put if we want when there´s more swell. They are inserted in the sides.
  • The board incorporates the hosting for these RSS Batens. If you put them you increase in a 40% the rigidity of the Board.

How to choose the PaddleSurf Red Paddle Co Explorer board that best suits your needs?

The EXPLORER table family of Red Paddle Co consists of two measures so you can choose the one you like the most:
What is your Red Paddle Co Explorer inflatable board? - Choose your board according to your needs and your weight:
Length Width Thickness Volume Rider weight Extras
12'6" 32"/813 mm 150 mm/5.90” 370 liters hasta 150 kgms Runners*
13'2" 30"/762 mm 150 mm/5.90” 360 liters hasta 150 kgms Runners & RSS

* The runners are extra glued fins of very low height that make the board maintain a perfect course.

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