Red Paddle Co Titan Pump

Red Paddle Co has developed an astonishing Pump for your Inflatable SUP board. It combines improved Air Flow with High Pressure depending on your needs. It is so easy to inflate your board now!
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Red Paddle Co Titán


Red Paddle Co Titan PumpRed Paddle Co Titan Pump Ergonomic HandleReady to use the Red Paddle Co Titan PumpFlexible hose inserted into the board's valve
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Because we prefer spending our time paddling rather than pumping air into our inflatable Stand Up Paddle board, RedPaddle Co has developed the Titan Pump

The Dual Cylinder system, in which a wide cylinder provides air flow during the first stages and a narrower cylinder provides pressure at the end, combined with the Hi Flo handle means you are in complete control of the time and energy required to inflate your board

It puts the volume into your board faster and reduces the effort required to reach a higher pressure. A revolution in pumping technology!

A fantastic upgrade for any inflatable board, it allows you to pump your Stand Up Red Paddle Co board to 20psi in the fastest time using less energy than regular pumps. The Titan Pump will also work with third party inflatable boards, as the airexit valve is standard. Remember to pay attention to the inflation instructions of each board manufacturer regarding pressure limits. 

The first video shows the speed of our three current pumps and the time taken to reach 15psi. On the left hand side is the Ezee Pump, in the middle is the Ezee Pump HP and the pump on the right is the new Titan Pump. We will let the evidence speak for itself!

The next one is an instructional video on how to use your new Titan Pump and how you can change your technique to make pumping up your board a breeze so you can spend less time pumping, more time paddling!


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Comfortable handle with double action functionRed Paddle Co Titan Pump in actionHandle and manometer detail on Red Paddle Co Titan PumpTaking off the double action cap to reach higher pressuresLast stages of inflation process
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