Pack Red Paddle Co Ride 10'8"x34" 2020

This Ride is a versatile SUP suited better for bigger riders and great for taking passengers. The most stable board of the Ride range.
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MSL Technology by Red Paddle Co
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Red Paddle Co Ride 10'8" 2020


Red Paddle Co Ride 10'8" 2020Red Paddle Co Ride 10'8" 2020
The Red Paddle Co Ride 10'8"x34" is perfect for bigger riders or the family paddler who wants to carry passengers. Super-stable, the 10’8” Ride is an easy ride.

It has all the same qualities as the 9'8" and the 10'6" Ride boards, but it’s two inches wider at 34” (863mm) and has an extra 56 litres of volume, creating a more stable ride. Greater stiffness at lower pressure with the MSL technology. In fact, it’s more than 40% stiffer than a standard board at the same pressure. The rounded tail makes the board really manoeuvrable when you get your weight back and can be a great way to have your first SUP surfing experience.

You can easily take a small passenger on board, which is why it’s a hit with family paddlers and those with furry friends. With the 6 point cargo tie-down system you can easily carry a whole heap of gear with you. Supplied with the Titan pump you can inflate the board in half the time with half the effort and once you are finished paddling the board packs down neatly to fit into the backpack making transportation and storage easy.

Features of the Red Paddle Co Ride 10'8"x34":

  • Length: 10'8" (approx. 329 cm)
  • Width: 34" (approx 86.36 cm)
  • Thickness: 4.7" (approx 120 mm)
  • Volume: 296 Liters
  • Fins: 3 x fixed ifins
  • Rider weight: up to 120 kg

What does the Red Paddle Co Ride 10'8"x34" pack includes?

  • A Stand Up Paddle board Red Paddle Co Ride 10'8"x34"
  • The best backpack of the market, ergonomic and exceptional details, like wheels to carry it walking and with a system of frontal opening very practical.
  • A repair kit.
  • The Red Paddle Co Titan pump, with combined double cylinder system.
  • Waterproof bag to carry the mobile phone, keys, etc.
  • Red Paddle Co Alloy adjustable 3 pieces paddle.

How to choose the Red Paddle Co Ride board that best suits your needs?

The Red Paddle Co Ride board family consists of three measures so you can choose the one you like the most:
  • Red Paddle Co Ride 9'8"x31"
  • Red Paddle Co Ride 10'6"x32"
  • Red Paddle Co Ride 10'8"x34"
 What is your Red Paddle Co Elite inflatable board? - Choose your board according to your needs and your weight:
Length Width Thickness Volume Rider weight Extras
9'8" 31" 100mm/3.93” 193 liters <95 kgs  
10'6" 32" 120mm/4.7” 240 liters <100 kgs Special Edition option
10'8" 34" 120mm/4.7” 296 liters <120 kgs  YOGA option

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