RollStick Fixed LandPaddle 6' Bamboo

The firm support that the bamboo stick gives us when we load the weight on it will not allow us to feel how the movement flows.
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Sistema antirretorno


RollstickPractica las maniobras que quieras en asfaltoMaxima fluidez con el sistema de deslizamientoPomo ergonómico que favorece el agarre
The Rollstick Fixed LandPaddle Bamboo has an incredible feel and heavy flex, which delivers energy return on each stroke by "flex and snap" energy. The shaft is made of solid bamboo, and the flex mimics the feel of paddling in wave on a paddleboard. 

Until now to perform maneuvers we had to do it on a hill that allowed us to catch enough speed so that the support of the paddle did not slow us down too much. However with a Rollstick that is not necessary, on flat ground we will drive with the firm support provided by the new stick and when we load the weight on it to reproduce the maneuvers in waves, we will feel the sweet movement as we roll our Rollstick over the asphalt simulating the maneuver perfectly. This is thanks to the innovative patented system that incorporates with its anti-return wheel.

Made of liight wood, this model of Rollstick is composed of a laminate of several woods combining lightness, flex and resistance. The result is a soft Rollstick with a beautiful laminated design and much more flex than previous models. With its unidirectional wheel you can support it in speed and pull as you want to paddle, with an ergonomic knob to know at all times the correct position of the paddle.
Size: 6' (1,82 m approx.)


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