TripSUP, transportation system for your SUP board

TripSUP is built and designed to comfortably carry your Stand Up Paddle board.
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Transportation system for your SUP board


TripSUP carrying BagMesh purse incorporated to TripSUPExtended TripSUPCushioned shoulder Pad
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Made out of girths and velcro, this system is the smartest choice for carrying your board and paddle to your favorite spot.

Due to the weight of a board and paddle, most current products place unnecesary burden on the shoulders. One defining characteristic of this product is a shoulder pad, designed to cushion and absorb weight and friction off our shoulders.

For added comfort, a purse for storing away extra items has been added.. Now you can carry your water bottle, slippers or towel without needing an extra bag slung on your shoulders.

Made with materials which allow fast cleaning, sun and water exposure without colors fading.

Features of TripSUP:
  • Transport straps for SUP boards sizez 29'' to 34''.
  • Special shoulder pad offers comfort and protection, the first in the market.
  • Purse made of mesh material which allows sand to come off easily.
  • Materials allow fast clean-up, sun and water exposition without colors fading or deteriorating.
  • Bag included as gift.
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Detail of TripSUP paddle handleDetail of velcro and ring
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