SIC Maui Bayonet 14' SCC+

The Bayonet continues SIC’s legacy of having the fastest downwind boards in the world. The evolution from the Bullet to a board designed to optimize the performance in flat/calm water
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Single Carbon Composite + Innegra Technology
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SIC Maui Bayonet 14' SCC+


SIC Bayonet perfect for downwinds and raceVery versatile board
The Bayonet Series is not a replacement for the Bullet Series; it is an evolution with a focus on taking all that is good in the Bullet and pushing the limits of what is possible in the Bayonet. With the intended paddler being more accomplished and likely a competitive paddler and/or serious touring and fitness paddler. The Bayonet is the answer to the demands of our elite team and focuses on early planing capability and top-end speed. 

This board planes early in sub twenty mph winds, and stay on glide longer, edge well in cross chop and has tremendous rail-to-rail steering when on a bump or wave. It does take a bit more agility with the squarer rail shape which promote stability on the narrow widths. It has a bit less under tuck and therefore is not as forgiving as the Bullet. The lower rocker profile means that the board is extremely fast at low speed but does require a bit more agility to maneuver back to the tail when on plane and to mitigate nose poke. The Bayonet 14’ features Single Carbon Composite Construction + Innegra™ (SCC+), the best technology of the SIC Maui boards.

Features of the SIC Maui Bayonet 14' SCC+:

  • Lenght: 14' (approx. 426.7 cm)
  • Width: 26" (approx 66 cm)
  • Volume: 295 Liters
  • Fin: U.S. standard finbox / 12K Carbon Weedless
  • Weight: 12 kg (+/-10%)
  • Croc skin EVA deck pad
  • Gore-Tex breather valve
  • EZ Grab Handle
  • Multiple leash attachment options
In the following video by SIC Maui, you can watch more info about Bayonet series:
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