SIC RS Air Glide 14'x28" Fusion 2019

This is the inflatable version of the Rocket Ship (RS) the board for racing by SIC with the facilities to transport and carry it
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FST - Fusion Skin Technology
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SIC RS Air Glide 14'x28" Fusion 2019


SIC RS Air Glide 14'x28" Fusion 2019SIC RS Air Glide 14'x28" Fusion 2019SIC RS Air Glide 14'x28" Fusion 2019
The SIC RS Air Glide 14'x28" Fusion 2019 derives its shape and dimensions from the RS composite board and translates to the highest performance inflatables on the market. This means proven designs inspire the SIC’s Air Glide inflatable boards for unrivalled performance and convenience. As the inflatable fitness, cruising and racing demand have grown within the inflatable class of boards, SIC has continued to innovate and serve up best technology and performance in an inflatable board.

These all-water, multi-discipline, shapes are versatile, convenient and yet offer performance that will not deflate your ego or compromise your experience. SIC’s materials selection, shapes and constructions dictate performance and prove that not all inflatables are created equal. Made from the finest Fusion Skin Technology (FST) this board is light, stiff and fast.

If you’re on the market for a premium race inflatable board but look no further. The RS by SIC is short for ‘Rocket Ship’ and the name suits the board perfectly. This race board is the inflatable version of its composite counterpart and is fast and lightweight. It’s best for intermediate and advanced racers looking for a board that excels on flatwater but can also handle some chop.

Features of the SIC RS Air Glide 14'x28" Fusion 2019:

  • Length: 14’ (approx. 426.7 cm)
  • Width:  28" (approx. 71.1 cm)
  • Volume: 350 L
  • Weight: 12.2 kg approx. 
  • Rider weight: < 108 kgs
  • Fin: 1 x central 9" Weedless

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