SPS 11'6"x31" Touring

A versatile option by SPS. SUP, windsup and kayak board, all in one! You can go paddling by regular way, you can set a sail thanks to the mastfoot insert and go with the wind, or put the optional seat that the board brings, and use it like a kayak.

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The SPS Touring 11'6''x31'', the most versatile model of the brand.

This SUP is designed for trips and enjoy long tours along the coast or inland waters. It has a design that offers high performance in gliding, heading and speed, so you take full advantage of each paddling, but with a size that gives you sufficient stability and comfort during your expeditions.

A feature to note in the SPS Touring 11'6''x31'' board is that it has the possibility of turning it into a Kayak. You just have to anchor the seat, which is included in the pack, in the central hooks of the board, and add the second blade to your convertible paddle. In addition, you can carry tied packages, such as watertight bags or water bottles, as the board is equipped with tie-string loops on the deck.

SPS uses the new ULFS (Ultra Light Fusion System) construction. A technology that gets Paddle Surf boards tougher and lighter.

Features of the SPS 11'6x31" Touring:

  • Length: 11'6 "(approx 353 cm)
  • Width: 31 "(approx 78.74 cm)
  • Thickness: 6 "(approx 15 cm)
  • Volume: 240 Liters.
  • Weight: 10 Kgms
  • Fin: US Box 9 "
  • Weight of the rider: Up to 130 kgm.
  • Grommets for transport cords on the deck.
  • Soft pad with kicktail on the back.
  • Mastfoot insert

What does the SPS 11'6x31" Touring pack include?

  • An inflatable board of Stand Up Paddle SPS 11'6x31" Touring.
  • The new ergonomic SPS backpack, which includes wheels for easy transport and front pocket for the inflator
  • A repair kit.
  • The new double action SPS air pump, which reaches 20 PSI easily.
  • An adjustable SPS paddle of fiber and three pieces, light and practical, transformable in paddling of kayak.
  • A 10' ION leash (or similar)
  • A kayak seat.
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