SPS Race Carbon Paddle

SPS carbon paddle ultralight. Especially designed for SUP Racing, the shape of this paddle allows you the most efficient performance. An economical option with awesome operation in beach races, downwinds, long distance and technical races.
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SPS Race Blade


SPS Race Carbon PaddleDiseño de la pala de SPSPértiga oval
The SPS Race Carbon paddle has a specific design for SUP races. The blade is longer than regulars and it is narrowerr too, it makes you can paddle stronger and with a high cadence. Riders who has tried this paddle gave a very positive feedback. Antonio de la Rosa did the tour of the Iberian peninsula, more than 3500 kms, with this paddle.

An excellent relationship price/quality is the focus point of this tool that will give you a lot of good moments.

Features of the SPS Carbon Race Paddle:

  • Blade length: 52.0 cm
  • Blade width: 16.5 cm
  • Blade area: 535 cm2
  • Length: 219 cm
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