Starboard SUP 14' All Star Wood Carbon 2021

The All Star is the board that has won more SUP racing in the world. This is the cheap version of the most laureate board
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Starboard 14' All Star Wood Carbon 2021


Starboard 14' All Star 2021Starboard 14' All Star 2021Starboard 14' All Star 2021Starboard 14' All Star 2021
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What can we say about the Starboard All Star range? Maybe the All Star is the most famous SUP race board all over the world. The Starboard All Star range has gained worldwide recognition, thanks to its versatility, and its ability to adapt to different conditions, always offering the rider the best performance. The novel design of this model allows an optimal glide in all situations, whether in flat sea, with choppy, performing downwinds and even surfing.

What's new on 2021?

  • NARROWER TAIL OUTLINE: It gives you 4 advantages: Faster acceleration and overall glide per stroke, in upwind the narrower tail helps the board flow naturally with bumps, in downwind it makes it more reactive to maneuver between bumps and easier to sink the tail for fast snappy buoy turning.
  • EXTENDED AND LOWER STANDING AREA: Helps to lower the rider’s center of gravity for improved stability and control. Riders can now reach faster speeds and maintain speed over a longer time as they can focus on paddling with maximum power, instead of losing energy balancing.
  • OPTIMIZED NOSE VOLUME: Provides greater float and lift in flat water, allowing for faster acceleration. It gives greater buoyancy and lift upwind and prevents nose diving when paddling downwind, also the pop and release allow the rider to maintain glide with a steady cadence.

If you are looking for the All Star but you don't want to pay the top price, this Wood Carbon version has the same shape than the top one, but the construction is different so the board has a bit more weight but it will give you the best in all conditions as its big sister, the Carbon Sandwich edition.

The difference is that the Sandwich construction is lighter than this and gives the optimal response to professional top riders who need the best performance to make the difference in the competition, while the Wood Carbon is the board that we recommend for all people starting to compete as well as experienced SUPers that don't need the extra performance from the Carbon Sandwich technology.

Features of the Starboard 14' All Star Wood Carbon 2021:

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight Rider weight Fin
14' / 426.7 cm 24.5" / 62.2 cm 10.3" / 26.1 cm 320 L 13.0 kg <90 kg Natural Winner
14' / 426.7 cm 26" / 66 cm 10.3" / 26.1 cm 340 L 13.5 kg <105 kg Race Ultra
14' / 426.7 cm 28" / 71.1 cm 8.5" / 21.6 cm 331 L 13.7 kg <110 kg Race Ultra

In the following video make by Starboard you can see the new and awesome All Star board in action and get more info about other details:
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Starboard 14' All Star 2021
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