Starboard Enduro Tiki Tech Sonni 2P Adjustable

The adjustable paddles by Starboard are for a multiple use. They are a great option for SUP touring through calm water, or in wavy conditions for surfing. Now you have these impressive paddles with the Sonni serie finish, that it's just amazing.

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Starboard Tiki Tech Sonni Sun & Wave


Starboard Tiki Tech Sonni WaveStarboard Tiki Tech Sonni SunStarboard Tiki Tech Sonni AdjustableStarboard Tiki Tech Blade
The Enduro adjustable paddles by Starboard with the Tiki Tech technology are one of the best option to get a high quality paddle without spend a lot of money. They are a very good bet for improve your paddle from the entry level to a medium-high level. Now, the Tiki brand has decided to makke it in serie with the Sonni finish, a range that shine for a beautiful and worked design like a workart based in the creations of Sonni Honscheid, one of the women top SUP rider of the world that now is leading the Paddle League.

You can adjust the lenght of the paddle according to the use, and your personal features and preferences. The Enduro blade plus the Tiki Tech technology make one of the most versalite paddle of the market. We strongly recommend the Tiki Tech range by Starboard if you want to have a good paddle, it has showed an excellent performance in every condition the last years, and now you have it with an awesome design.

The Enduro blade has different sizes, so you can get the one that better suits you taking into account your lenght, weight and style of paddling. We offer the Sun paddle (pink) in size S and the Wave (blue) in size M.

Measures of the SUP Starboard Enduro S paddle

  • Blade lenght: 18.2" (46.3 cm)
  • Blade width: 8.1" (20.5 cm)
  • Area: 73.6 in2 (475 cm2)
  • Total length: 83.7" (211.5 cm)

Measures of the SUP Starboard Enduro M paddle

  • Blade length: 19.2" (48.8 cm)
  • Blade width: 8.1" (20.7 cm)
  • Area: 81.4 in2 (525 cm2)
  • Total length: 84.1" (213.6 cm)
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