Pack Starboard SUP Hyper Foil 6'4"x25" Starlite 2019 + Foil Wave 1700 DT

The Starboard Hyper Foil 6'4"x25" Starlite 2019 + Foil Wave 1700 DT pack is thought for any person who want start doing SUP foil being sure it will be a good start and nice experience
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Pack Starboard SUP Hyper Foil 6'4"x25" Starlite 2019 + Foil Wave 1700 D


SUP Foil surfingSuper stable

The Starboard Hyper Foil 6'4"x25" Starlite 2019 board has enought stability for every rider up to 85 kg, so if you are under this weight it would be your perfect board for the first steps flying over the sea. The minimal measures of the board makes it easy to manage as well as stable to be balanced on the board. It joins a compact outline with the deep channels and more volume in the middle area, so the Hyper Foil is a perfect board to use along the foil learning process to reach the a top level as the famous watermen of the world. Born from the Hyper Nut model, this board maintain the wide nose and tail as its "mother" and make the board super stable while paddling. The wide tail makes the go up task easy, while the wide nose too, helps you to relaunch the board when it is downing as well as it is more efficient to break the link between the board and the waterline to go up faster.

The Wave 1700 DT foil allows you to surf slow waves thanks to the big front wing that helps the board to go up easily, even if you are a big rider. This foil gives you the top on terms of stability, so you can force the system in turns but it will follow the road. It is not the best foil to make tricks or radical turns on the waves but it is the best if you are wishing to fly on the waves or if you would like to make a light downwind foiling. That is the reason becasue we make this pack with a board and a fin perfect for riders in entry level of SUP foil. The combination between the 6'4" Hyper Foil board and the Wave 1700 foil is a great one to jump to the SUP foil world.

If you need or want any other combination, please look at the tables below and select the one that you want and contact to us to check the availability of the products. We will be glad to help you to introduce in the foil world with Starboard. You have the Hyper Foil in three different sizes: 6'4", 7'2" y 7'7" and four different foils to fly.

Features of the Starboard Hyper Foil 2019 boards:

6'4 25" 92 L < 85 kg Foil
7'2" 27.5" 125 L < 105 kg Foil
7'7" 30" 137 L < 120 kg Foil

Features oof the Starboard Wave & Wave Pro foil:
WAVE 1300 65 cm made in V6 Aluminium 67 cm 1300 cm2 - Span: 70 cm 270 cm2 - Span: 42 cm
WAVE 1700 65 cm made in V6 Aluminium 67 cm 1700 cm2 - Span: 80 cm 270 cm2 - Span: 42 cm
WAVE PRO 1300 65 cm made in V6 Aluminium 67 cm 1300 cm2 - Span: 65 cm 230 cm2 - Span: 38.5 cm
WAVE PRO 1500 65 cm made in V6 Aluminium 67 cm 1500 cm2 - Span: 78 cm 230 cm2 - Span: 38.5 cm

In the following video you can watch the Hyper Foil 2019 boards:


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