Starboard Hyper Foil V.2 Starlite 2021

Last generation paddle board that can install a foil and pass to your next SUP level. 
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Starboard Hyper Foil V.2 Starlite 2021


Starboard Hyper Foil V.2 para wingfoilStarboard Hyper Foil V.2 para SUP foil

The Starboard SUP Hyper Foil is a board thought for SUP Foiling use. Short board with a generous width for a comfortable use and have the surface needed to move on it.

The Foil boards by Starboard have a especial box in the bottom to set the foil system and fly over the sea. Extra-reinforced Tuttle foil box positioned just in front of the fins, providing optimal trim control from the mid-point of the board. Foil box cover is included so you can ride the Hypernut or Freeride normally without the foil. Live the new sensation of the SUP foil with the products by the biggest brand of the SUP world.

For riders up to 120 kgs, the Starboard Hyper Foil is perfect to start with the foil experience. A higher length improves the glide and the generous width gives you stability to ride and fly.

Features of the Starboard Hyper Foil V.2 Starlite 2021:

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight Rider weight
6'4" / 193 cm 25" / 63.5 cm 4.1" / 10.4 cm 95 L 7.8 kg <90 kg
6'8” / 203.2 cm 27.5" / 69.9 cm 4.4" / 11.1 cm 122 L 8.7 kg <105 kg
7'2” / 218.4 cm 30" / 76.2 cm 4.1" / 10.4 cm 137 L 9.9 kg <120 kg

In the following vídeo you can see awesome images of the Hyper Foil range with the foil fin set by Starboard:
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