Pack Starboard Foil Surf 2020 Blue Carbon 5'6'' + Foil Wave 1300 TP

The Starboard Foil Surf 2020 Blue Carbon 5'6'' + Foil Wave 1300 TP pack is designed to maximize the surfing foil experience, linking a premium foil surfing board with the most radical wing of Starboard
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Pack Starboard Foil Surf 2020 Blue Carbon 5'6'' + Foil Wave 1300 TP


Ala Foil Wave 1300 TPYou can use with paddle as wellEasy to manageTop Plate system with different positions

Starboard Foil Surf 2020 Blue Carbon 5'6'' is one of the medium size board in the surf foil range. It is made with the top technology, the Blue Carbon construction that makes a lightweight board with high performance. This board is one of the Foil Surf 2020 range that has compact boards with a good volume so it is easy to paddle and catch the waves. These boards have a great stability while you are paddling thanks to the wide tail and nose, and they are easy to manage on the waves for their short length. We have choosen the 5'6" to make this pack because it is a board recommended for riders less than 85 kg, but if you want customize the pack you can choose another option between the four sizes available: 4'8", 5'2", 5'6" y 6'0". In the table below, you can see the features of the boards to take the one you think is better for you. All these boards have the option to change the position of the mast, so you can modify it depending on your level or the waves to have the best foil experience.

The pack comes with the Starboard Foil Wave 1300 TP because it is the more radical wing of the Wave range, focused on surf foiling. It is versatile and super stable so it is easy to surf on this foil. The 1300 will give you more freedom in the movements but it is a bit more unestable than the big 1700 that it is available too. This pack is designed for people with some experience foiling but if you want to buy it on an easy way of foiling, just take the Wave 1700. You can always make the pack under your preferences, just contacto to us to have more details.

In the following tables you can find all the measures and more features of both products to configure the pack as you want.

Features of the Starboard Foil Surf 2020:
4’8" 19.5" 36 L < 65 kg 2x US Box 10"
5'2" 20.5" 49 L < 75 kg 2x US Box 10"
5'6" 21.5" 59 L < 85 kg 2x US Box 10"
6'0" 21.5" 69 L < 95 kg 2x US Box 10"

Features of the Starboard Wave & Wave Pro foils:
WAVE 1300 65 cm made in V6 Aluminium 67 cm 1300 cm2 - Span: 70 cm 270 cm2 - Span: 42 cm
WAVE 1700 65 cm made in V6 Aluminium 67 cm 1700 cm2 - Span: 80 cm 270 cm2 - Span: 42 cm
WAVE PRO 1300 65 cm made in V6 Aluminium 67 cm 1300 cm2 - Span: 65 cm 230 cm2 - Span: 38.5 cm
WAVE PRO 1500 65 cm made in V6 Aluminium 67 cm 1500 cm2 - Span: 78 cm 230 cm2 - Span: 38.5 cm

In the following video you can watch the Starboard Foil Surf 2020 range:


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