Starboard Enduro Tufskin Adjustable 3 Pieces Paddle


Starboard Enduro Tufskin Adjustable 3 Pieces Paddles are optimal for begginers, schools or rentals. Maybe it's a good option like a second paddle, to use it on trips thanks to its reduced size when you disassemble it.

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Starboard Tufskin 3 Pieces


Starboard Enduro Tufskin paddleTufskin blade with TikiBrand inscription on the other side
Starboard Tufskin paddles come with the right features to be used by begginers, SUP schools and as rental material. They possess a high-quality blade and grip, with impact and wear resistance due to their materials.

Being strong, durable and thermally-resistant paddles, they are the most suitable option when practicing SUP in different waters.

We highlight the Tiki Clamp system in the adjustable and 3 piece versions that helps lock the shaft into place. In an adjustable paddle we will find them in the upper area in order to achieve a strong lock whenever we adjust the paddle to our desired length. In the 3 piece version you can find the clamps in the lower area, where the blade joins the shaft. Once the blade is set into place and the Tiki Clamp is fastened, this joint will be strongly secured, preventing any clearance. This little piece opens and closes easily by using just your fingers and only weights 23 grs.

Features of the Starboard Enduro Tufskin Adjustable 3 Pieces Paddle:

  • Blade length: 20.9" (53cm)
  • Blade width: 8.3" (21 cm)
  • Surface: 89.1 in2 (575 cm2)
  • Total length: 82.7" (210 cm)
  • Weight: 880 grs approx

Why do we love the Starboard Enduro Tufskin paddle?

  • Highly resistant
  • Ideal for begginers due to their performance and lightness.
  • Unbeatable price.
  • Adults and Kids versions.
  • Though it is available in fixed version, this season we have chosen to only carry in stock the adjustable and the 3 piece version, due to their versatility.
  • Three piece version is the ideal complement for inflatable boards because once disassembled they fit easily in a backpack.
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