Starboard Ergonomic Extendable Handle for SUP Paddle

Ergonomic Starboard handles for repairing or upgrading your paddle.
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Starboard Ergonomic extendable handle for SUP Paddles
Starboard's SUP Paddle handles are light and resistant.

If you are looking to repair or upgrade your handle, changing the handle is always a good option and with this Starboard handle you have a standard solution that adapts to most paddles, even third party ones.

It is important to remark that with this Starboard Paddle Handle, with its ergonomic shape and light weight, your stroke will improve and become more effortless and comfortable.

This Long Handle by Starboard for Stand Up Paddle Surf paddless is the perfect solution if you bought a second hand paddle and would like to adjust it to our height or for those riders that like to adjust their paddle's length depending on their stroke style.

  • Light
  • Highly resistant
  • Ergonomic grip with smooth texture
  • Extra large 12'' (30 cm) axis
Please consider the following advice when adjusting the length of your Stand Up Paddle Surf paddles.

Here is a link where you can find more information about cutting your paddle to the right size and permanently attach a handle to it.

There are alternatives for temporarily attaching a handle by using melt glue that can be removed by applying local heat, such as a hair dryer. This is the method recommended by Starboard for attaching their Stand Up Paddle Surf Handles and Paddles.