Starboard SUP Nut 9' x 28.5" Starlite 2018

The INNOVATION range by Starboard includes the last designs and shapes of paddle surf boards. This new board designs has an awesome performance in the waves and everyone who try a board like this don't back to the classic one.
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Starboard SUP Nut 9' x 28.5" Starlite 2018
The Starboard SUP Nut 9' x 28.5" Starlite 2018 belongs to the Innovation range by Starboard. This family gives SUP surfers the posibility to have the last board if we talk about innovation and design in SUP, looking for the best performance in the waves.

This Starboard SUP Nut 9' x 28.5" Starlite 2018 is optimum for riders up to 95 kgs with its only 132 liters. It has an amaizing rail to rail performance when you surf with it, and allows you to make fast turns.

You can use a Nut like a Pro. The outline curve of a 7'4" Pro offers reactivity for tight cutbacks infused into a 9'0" board for easy glide into waves. Added glide from length makes it easier to catch waves.

The Starboard Nut combines a short board characteristics with longboard style of riding. 

Features of the Starboard SUP Nut 9'x28.5" Starlite 2018 board:

  • Length: 9' (approx. 274.3 cm)
  • Width: 28.5" (approx 72.6 cm)
  • Thickness: 4.2'' (approx 10.8 cm)
  • Tail width: 16.9' (approx 43.2cm)
  • Weight: 8.57 kgs. 
  • Volume: 132 Liters
  • Fins: Thruster configuration. Center:170, side: M4.5" Bio Resin Light Core. 
  • Rider weight: Up to 95 kgs.
Here you have a video of the Starboard SUP Nut
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