Starboard SUP Sprint 14'x23" Carbon Sandwich 2019

The Starboard Sprint racing board has been designed for flatwater. It has been improved for this season 2019 to use it on open water conditions. Amazing performance on the sea.
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Starboard Sprint 14'x23" 2019


Michael Booth con su tabla favorita, la SprintGama race 2019 de StarboardMáxima velocidad con la Sprint 2019

This Starboard racing board is made with the Carbon Sandwich technology, the top one of the brand. The design was made for flatwater althought for 2019, the Starboard designers have improved the construction of the board, adding some volume in the nose and setting a raised tail for the 14' board to help the riders with the buoy turns and the surfing conditions. Some of the Starboard team riders choose this board to compete in open water race when conditions are not heavy, for example, Michael Booth won the EuroTour 2018 with a Sprint 21.5" board.

Its shape provides instant acceleration with the highest cruise speed and amazing top end speed. A raised rail profile makes more pop in flat water and more control in chop. 

The key features of this board are: dug out rails, efficient drainage system, refined nose shape with optimized nose volume. Thicker profile and sloped tail with a flatter tail concave. All these features make the Sprint, the best board for flat and an interesting board for open water depending on where you use to go paddling.

Features of the Starboard Sprint 14' x 23" Carbon Sandwich 2019:

  • Legth: 14' (approx. 426.7 cm)
  • Width: 23" (approx 58.8 cm)
  • Thickness: 11.1" (approx. 28.2 cm)
  • Tail width: 15.8'' (approx. 40 cm)
  • Volume: 313 Liters
  • Weight: 12.36 kgs
  • Rider weight: 50 - 95 kgs. 
  • Fin: 1 x Bio Resin Balsa Core Natural Winner 

How to choose the Starboard Sprint board that best suits your needs?

The Sprint range by Starboard has four different combinations: 12'6"x23", 14'x21.5", 14'x23" and 14'x25" (and the Unlimited 18'1"x23")
What is your proper Starboard SUP Sprint? – Choose your board according to your needs and your weight:
Length Width Thickness Volume Rider weight
12'6'' 23" 10.1" 280 liters 45 - 85 kgs
14' 21.5" 11.1" 281 liters 45 - 85 kgs
14' 23” 11.1" 313 liters 50 - 95 kgs
14' 25' 11.1'' 342 liters 70 - 115 kgs
18'1" 23'' 9.1" 257 liters 50 - 95 kgs
In the following video by Starboard, you can watch the Sprint boards in action:
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