Starboard Trash Picker for paddle

The Starboard trash picker is a tool that makes grabbing trash out of the water as simple as taking another stroke. This small addition to Starboard paddles will help to keep oceans clean.
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Starboard Trash Picker


Recoge la basura del marEl compromiso de Starboard con el medio ambienteMantén el entorno limpio
Starboard includes the trash picker  with new paddles since 2017. It is a little hook that you can put on the shaft of the paddle and it helps you to take the trash from the water and keep clean the ocean, rivers and lakes.

Svein Ransmussen, Starboard's CEO, said in the European dealers meeting at Tarifa (2017) that Starboard has a solid compromise with the environment and this is why the Tiki brand is improving the making board and other products proccess to keep clean the world.

Take part and be an important piece of the movement. Remember: #take3forthesea is the compromise to have clean sea, beaches and environment.
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