Starboard SUP Touring Pinetek 12'6" 2020

The Starboard Touring Pinetek 12'6" is a fast touring board that provide remarkable stability/speed ratio. Suitable for flatwater and with exceptional performance in open waters too
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12'6"x29" 2020
12'6"x31" 2020
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Starboard Touring Pinetek 12'6" 2020


Starboard Touring Pinetek 12'6" 2020Starboard Touring Pinetek 12'6" 2020Starboard Touring Pinetek 12'6" 2020

Starboard brings us the awesome Touring Pinetek. A board that joins design and performance. The best performance for people who really like SUP, and has found in the paddling a time to do exercise as well as relax and enjoy nature, combined with the beautiful finish of the Pinetek construction that uses australian pine on the deck and flax on rails, making one of the most beautiful boards iin the market.

We think that for most riders who really like Stand Up Paddle, this is the type of boards that work better, because it is mostly used in tours and travels.

It is important to take into account that these boards are bulky and very specific, not everyone's cup of tea. Having said that, once you try a Starboard Touring you will love it!

Among the Touring series, here at HoeNalu we have chosen this model as the most complete and versatile shape available.

This Starboard shape provide a great stability to speed ratio, letting you ride long tours at great speeds with remarkable comfort.

If you are still not sure about which model to choose, we would love to help you. There is available the 29" and 31" width for more speed or more stability depending your preferences or your weight. Look the table below.

How to choose the right Starboard Touring board for you?

Which is your Touring? – Choose, among the displayed models, your ideal baord based on your needs and weight:
MODEL 12'6"x31" 12'6x29"
Length 12'6" (381 cm) 12'6" (381 cm)
Width 31" (78.7 cm) 29'' (73.6 cm)
Volume 284 litres 274 litres
Max rider weight < 100 kg < 110 kg
Fin Dol-fin Dol-fin
Weight 13.90 kg 13.62 kg
Construction Pinetek Pinetek


What do we like about the Starboard Touring Pinetek 12'6"?

  • Nowadays Starboard's Touring line is where it's at when it comes to Touring boards. They feature carefully designed shapes while providing excellent performance.
  • Bungee straps for stowing bags and gear in the deck, both front and back.
  • You can carry all kind of accessories thanks to its FCS inserts (Go Pro, GPS, etc)
  • A great and efficient board for long tours. Stable and generous, with great performance in downwind.
  • Perfect for riders up to 110 kgs, or even more if rider is at mid to advanced level.
  • Pinetek construction that makes awesome and beautiful boards with australian pine and flax combined.
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