Starboard SUP Whopper 10'0"x34" 2019

This Starboard SUP Whopper 10'0"x34" 2019 shape is the most versatile and fun of all Starboard series.

A SUPer multifunctional board that will work well for begginers and those looking to perfect their skills. Pure fun!
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Starboard SUP Whopper 10'0"x34" ASAP 2019

The Starboard Whopper 10'0" was the first 34'' wide SUP board, a real novelty at the time though nowadays is commonplace in SUP boards from many companies. This is the perfect allround board for riders up to 100 kgs looking for an easy board to start with this sport. Among Starboard's Wide Ride series, constituted by five models, the Whopper 10'0'' is a mid-sized option and the most versatile out of the five.

The Starboard SUP Whopper 10'0"x34" 2019 leads the SUP board market with its easy handling, performance and fun factor. It's an incredible manageable board despite its width.

This is the board we recommend to those looking to start with PaddleSurf, as it is the most complete allround you can find in the market.

These five shapes designed by Starboard are perfect for an introduction to SUP as their main features is Stability. These are the boards we believe are the most suitable for PaddleSurf begginers. Choose the one that better fits your level, style and body weight.

If you have any problems choosing what board is right for you, we would love to help you. Bear in mind that these five shapes come in different materials and constructions.

Features of PaddleSurf Starboard SUP Whopper 10'0'x34" 2019:

  • Length: 10' 0" (aprox. 304.8 cm)
  • Width: 34" (aprox 86.4 cm)
  • Thickness: 4.3" (aprox 10.9 cm)
  • Tail width: 18.5'' (aprox 47 cm)
  • Volume: 171 Litres 
  • Fins: thruster format with central 6 3/4 and laterals M4.7"
  • Board weight: 11 kg. 
  • Rider weight: up to 110 kgs
  • High quality Deck pad

What do we like about Starboard SUP Whopper 10'0"x34"?

The Wide Ride series by Starboard is, to us, the best there is in SUP at this moment. It's not surprising then, that the Whopper is the company's best selling board around the world.
  • You can get it in ASAP models for the best value for your money
  • The 10'0'' version is our preferred board for beginners, due to its stability.
  • A cool board for your first tours. Stable and generous. Surfs well despite how wide it is.
  • Perfect for riders up to 100 kgs, even if you are intermediate-advanced level
  • If you are looking for a funny board without headbreakings and you are under 100 kg, this is your board
Here's a video published by Starboard in which you can watch the impressive performance of Wide Ride boards in the waves despite its width.:
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