SUPWheels® Evolution SUP board carrying cart

SUPWheels®, is a SUP board transportation system that is light and has the capacity to transport even Kayak boards. It adapts to any surface, be it a a rough road or soft beach sand. Transport your board without worrying about the weight. Plus, you can even use it while on your bike.
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Evolution SUPWheels®


Strap Handle for SUPWheels®. Evolution modelEvolution SUPWheels® in a bikeWith SUPWheels® you will never get a flatStrap Handle for SUPWheels®. Strap for bicycle saddle
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SUPWheels®, is a SUP board transportation system designed to make you train in the water instead of before you even get to the ocean!

SUPWheels® can carry paddle surf boards and kayaks, takigng care of almost all the weight. This sets it apart from the traditional shoulder strap products, where all the weight literally weights on your shoulders. Plus, with SUPWheels® you won't need to worry about the wind, as the board stays parallel to the ground on top of the SUP support instead of resting vertically against your body, preventing a windsail effect and letting you carry your SUP board without fuss.

By leaving the training for the water, you can exclusively focus on getting it right, since carrying your gear after a long and hard SUP session is so easy now. If you need to go over a hard surface or soft sand, you will get there faster and more easily by using SUPWheels®, the best stand up paddle board carrying device in the market.

With its innovative system you can de/attach the wheels to the SUPWheels® frame easily. Afterwards, you can carry them on top of your board while you paddle, there's no need to leave them by the beach.

SUPWheels® transportation system is safe and board friendly, it will not put a dent on it.

SUPWheels® Evolution comes with the Strap Handle system, with which you will find it even easier to transport your Stand Up Paddle Surf board.

El Strap Handle está formado por una superficie de tela mallada con sus correspondientes cinchas y asa. Funciona en conjunto con la SUPWheels®. Se coloca en el nose de la tabla de forma rápida y sencilla y te permite poder agarrar por el asa o incluso enganchar al sillín de la bicicleta.

The Strap Handle stays joined with SUPWheels® by the corresponding strap won't come off on its own.

Check the images in this post to verify how easy it is to install.

Benefits from using SUPWheels®, a carrying cart for your SUP board:

Why use SUPWheels® transportation system for carrying your personal board?

  • Saves your energy for paddling in the water.
  • Makes carrying your board or kayak from and to the beach a more enjoyable experience.
  • Prevents the need from using a SUP Caddy or SUP Carrying Leash to carry your board on your shoulders.
  • A 16kg board becomes 6,5kg when carrying by hand. This represents almost a 60% weight reduction. It will obviously depend of your board's length and each person, but these are standard values.
  • You can carry the wheels with you while touring, be it in a river or downwind, making treks over rocky surfaces easier.
  • Lowers the risk of hitting or scratching your board/kayak.
  • Carrying your SUP board after a long day training is much easier.
  • You will be less prone to injury while carrying your SUP board or kayak, especially in windy conditions.
  • Makes getting to the water, which could be a ways off your home or car, easier.
  • No more "board burns", avoid getting toasted by the board after it has been warmed by the sun.
  • Carry your stuff easily, as you can put all your gear on top of the board while you carry it.
  • The wheels will let you keep your strength and energy for that last spurt when SUP racing.
  • With this SUP board towing system and a leash you can carry up to two boards and paddles at the same time.

Technical specifications of SUPWheels®:

  • No tools or additional assembly required.
  • 14'' wheels will let you roll over curbs and sand.
  • Solid rubber tires, you will never get a flat.
  • Frame with especialized, UV-resistant foam keeps the board secure.
  • Aluminum axis - resistant to salt water, light and strong.
  • Rustproof fasteners - resistant to salt water.
  • Can carry up to 34kgs, or up to 2 SUP boards with one SUP Wheels™ (leash necessary but not included)
  • Detachable tires - for compact storage or taking them aboard.
  • Flex frame variable width, between 15" (38 cm) to 12" (30 cm)
  • Flex variable height, between 6" (15 cm) to 4" (10 cm)
Here's a video where you can see how it works and how easy it is to install, disassemble and getting it on top of your board while you surf and then assembling it again. You will be surprised at how easy it is...


En este otro video puedes ver en acción las SUPWheels® EvolutionMira como es posible llevar tu tabla por el paseo marítimo por ejemplo. O llevar con tu bicicleta tu tabla de SUP, transportarla nunca fué tan fácil.

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SUPWheels® SUP board transportation systemSUPWheels® in storageDetail of SUPWheels® cartUsing SUPWheels® for carrying your gearSUPWheels® over soft sand with two boardsStrap Handle for SUPWheels®. Eve carries your paddleStrap Handle for SUPWheels®. Installation drawing
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